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This is the personal website of R. J. Thayer, who indulges in technical and speculative writing, as well as website administration. This website is generally intended to visualize the system dynamics of the American Constitution as a social covenant that a citizen agrees to if born and bred within it. Much of the speculation involves the gradual establishment of world covenants as well and why some societies regress into Mesolithic totalitarianism as a perceived survival mechanism.

This site contains material that is freely developed in a speculative mind set and R.J. reserves all of the rights attendant to speculative , note even really speculative, literary activity. Please keep in mind the site is also a 'work in progress' with the usual intellectual property rights and is used to test various website publishing modes.

Tired of Endless Electioneering with Endless Money?

Try a Constitutional amendment based on modern functionality.

Amendment XXVIII.

Section 1. In order to maintain Tranquility and Justice within the States, no transfer of funds for the purposes of election to public office will be lawful unless it is within 60 days of the date of the national elections, or when the transfer of funds for a political purpose is made in certified gold or silver bullion from a registered facility within the United States.

Section 2. The Congress, after Supreme Court advice and consent two years before each election, shall have authority to make laws governing the transfer of such monies destined for election purposes .”

Speculation: “Enabled by this kind of ruling, about half of all television advertising supporting a president's campaign was paid for by groups that do not disclose their donors.” Altogether $2 billion by both parties in two years, with perhaps $800 million from offshore accounts?

Each $200 million before XXVIII Amendment’s 60 day deadline would mean 7400 pounds of gold would have to be hand delivered to advertising outlets and producers. Multiply by $ 2 billion over 4 years minus 60 days with all of it registered at US banks?

Allegiance to What?

The Pledge of Allegiance is endlessly repeated as a pledge to a 'flag'. OK, but perhaps it would be better to have a pledge of citizenship that all citizens must take to establish them as citizens? The 14th Amendment makes birth on American soil the criteria for automatic citizenship but why isn't that citizenship established by a legally binding oath of allegiance to the Constitution itself?  For many, the idea of adhering to a set of Constitutional rules is not why they came here.  As a 'what if',  suppose the pledge of allegiance was a binding condition of citizenship, thereby eliminating the occupation category 'CINO'?

    "As a conscious being of Creation, I do swear and affirm to uphold the responsibilities of citizenship and to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. I do swear and affirm that I will contribute as I am able to the common defense and general welfare of all citizens of the United States and to no other sovereignty. I swear and affirm my belief in the blessings of Constitutional liberty and democracy; that they establish domestic tranquility through justice. I swear to embrace those Constitutional rights and duties in my daily life with due respect for the rights of others not identified as enemies of the Constitution or the human race.

  • Is a Citizenship oath taken on Faith or is it a social contract between peoples trying to live together in 'domestic Tranquility'  as the Preamble states?

  • But what if the Oath of Alligiance for citizenship were placed in a national passport? would it look like this?

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New Capitol Dome restoration is underway. Lasts two years, but way overdue. 3D video not yet available; needs new video technology

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Last effort was 1960, but did not address ongoing cracks and iron problems.

Is contempt of the Constitution actually Sedition?

Under a law where ‘contempt for the constitution’ is defined as any act that undermines the integrity of the Articles and Amendments of the constitution, any citizen would be held accountable through misdemeanor fines for not voting, belonging to an organization that advocates in any way the elimination of constitutional authorities or for engaging in a personal act of contempt (ie, filibuster, attack on politically involved citizens, use of foreign money) for the due process of the constitution. Sedition has generally been defined as 'active' undermining of the Constitution, but is negligence also sedition?

A CoC law could allow a ballot to have a ‘contempt’ or ‘no confidence’ choice on it that would allow all voters (who must do so, or be fined in escalating amounts) to express a no confidence vote on a candidate of ANY organization or extreme minority PAC, noting that all members of the PAC would be evaluated for contempt in the manner of 501c usage. The candidate would then be subject to term limits if the ‘contempt of’ vote was in the majority. That is, only candidates who had gained a majority of votes with confidence could be elected. The ‘CoC’ law would also allow citizens to vote ‘no confidence’ on the nature of the contributions made to any candidate, thereby eliminating the candidacy of that person. That would eliminate the ‘wasted vote’ problem because a person can vote no-confidence only once. Doesn’t appear to be any Article I, Section 8 or 14th Amendment, Section 5 prohibition against creating a Contempt of Constitution law.

Health Care Costs Getting Worse

Total health care costs in the US are about $7000 per person per year.  This is expected to go to $16,000 in 2019, eliminating possible health care for some 35 million people who now have it.  Some other system of insurance, both government and private is needed.  Could this be corrected by a 'Wellbeing Right' in which some healthcare is covered by  a "Governance Impost Credit" that can't be used for anything except the Wellness of Americans?   Show more detail

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Constitutionally valid Economics in  Health Care?

  • Health Care Industry process:  "Two of the five most profitable industries in the United States — the pharmaceuticals industry and the medical device industry — sell health care. With margins of almost 20 percent, they beat out even the financial sector for sheer profitability.”

    The only reason this happens is that life and death processes are governed by the interstate commerce clause of Article I, Section 8 in the Constitution. Oddly enough, the Constitution never addressed medical processes or health care or insurance or anything relating to wellness simply because in 1787, such were strictly chance processes of Creation. The fact that medical equipment like MRI and CT scanners have 20% margins shows how much things have changed. The Affordable Care Act was developed at a time when 35,000 medical research papers were produced and the technology involved for a $4 million dollar MRI unit was increasing by the month thanks to internet collaboration. But the fact that $8000 per person per year is going to be $17000 per year per person represents a constitutional disaster that comes under Common Defense and not interstate commerce.

    Early preventive care causes as much as $2500 of the overall costs to be 'cure' related rather than 'treatment for life' related, but few in a 'profit only' medical system will opt for a cure; there just isn't any revenue stream in a cure. Is it time for a constitutional convention that guarantees at least fetal, prenatal and adolescence care as a protected Human Right? That is the only way a national system of preventive cures can be setup. It would have to be an enforceable Wellbeing Right that accounts for well-deserved reward for helping others through technology but prevents the obvious (and disastrous) extortion of the unfortunate. Only a We the People right can cure these very complex problems and it would have to account for not just Common Defence but the Preamble covenants of Justice, Tranquility, Liberty and our Posterity.

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